Adam Goldring

Graduate Student

Curriculum Vitae

Department of Psychology
University of California, Davis
Center for Neuroscience
1544 Newton Ct.
Davis, CA 95618
Tel: 530-757-8560
Fax: 530-757-8827

B.S. Zoology at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 2007.


Main Research Interests:

Sensorimotor integration is essential for both choosing the correct action to take in a given situation and monitoring that action as it unfolds. The posterior parietal cortex (PPC) is comprised of a constellation of areas which differ in their exact function. However, one common theme of this region is the integration of perception and action, combining information from multiple sensory modalities and contextual information from executive control regions in order to select, compute, and monitor the movements of different body parts. My research focuses on the function of several areas within the PPC as they relate to complex manual dexterity in non-human primates. To that end, we make use of reversible deactivation through transient cooling to temporarily remove different PPC regions from the fronto-parietal reaching and grasping network and study the resultant alterations to network dynamics as well as manual behavior. Past projects have included investigating the behavioral and electrophysiological effects of aspiration lesions to area 5L, development of a light-weight, MRI compatible cooling device; and investigating the effects of deactivating PPC and motor regions on somatosensory receptive fields in areas 1 and 2. Current projects include investigating the effects of deactivating motor cortex on movements evoked by applying long-train microstimulation to anterior and posterior parietal cortex as well as studying the behavioral effects of cooling different PPC and motor regions during the execution of several manual tasks.